The Principles of Pilates

There are some basic principles in Pilates. All of which I cover in my weekly Pilates class.
Below is a summary of what each one is.
1. Concentration
Block out all other thoughts while focusing on the movement
2. Breathing
Controlled, continuous breathing
3. Centring
All movements stem from the core muscles and are controlled by deep abdominal muscles.
4. Control
All the moves in Pilates are slow and controlled
5. Precision
Placing the body in an exact position under conscious control
6. Flowing Movement
All moves are continuous with no beginning or end.
7. Isolation
Pilates exercises makes sure that all muscle groups are engaged and work together. It helps you understand, through movement, how the body works, in part and as a whole.
8. Routine
Practice makes perfect. Pilates should be incorporated with other fitness activities to improve all over body strength.

My class members and one2one clients have all reported having increased mobility and improved posture after attending just a few sessions with me.

If you would like to try Pilates and see how it can help you, feel free to come along to one of my classes. They cost just £4.50 and are suitable for all levels.


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