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Weekly Meal Planner

Use our weekly meal planner to track what you eat – for free!

I’ve worked with a mixture of different clients, all with very different fitness goals but one thing that links them all together is that none of them planned their weekly meals.

If you are trying to lose fat and get fit, it’s essential that you make changes to your lifestyle, in particular what you eat.

No matter how hard you exercise, if you have a poor diet reaching your fitness goals becomes increasing difficult.

Planning your weekly meals is a good way of tracking what you are actually eating.

When I ask my personal training clients to keep a food diary they are often astounded as to what they are actually eating.

Planning your weekly meals keeps you focused

You can use our weekly meal planner to plan the week ahead, or if you want to be really organised print off a few of copies and do a couple of weeks at a time.

Use it to workout what you are going to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner for everyday of the week, you can also add in snacks and make any notes that you need.

Planning your meals helps to keep you focused by actually thinking about what you are going to eat everyday, rather than just reaching for the first thing at hand.

Download our free weekly meal planner here (pdf)

Download our meal planner for free

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