Fat Burning

Simple Fat Loss Rule

A simple fat loss rule To lose fat you need to burn calories and to do that you need to move your body. But you can’t ignore what you eat just because you are putting the hours in at the gym. I often get approached by people who have been working hard in the gym […]


The Principles of Pilates

There are some basic principles in Pilates. All of which I cover in my weekly Pilates class. Below is a summary of what each one is. 1. Concentration Block out all other thoughts while focusing on the movement 2. Breathing Controlled, continuous breathing 3. Centring All movements stem from the core muscles and are controlled […]

Healthy Eating

10 Ways To Get Rid Of Cellulite

10 ways to get rid of cellulite Getting rid of cellulitee can be tough and it’s something a lot of my personal training clients ask me about constantly. I’ve put together my top tips for getting rid of cellulite. All of them are simple to follow. Let me know how you get on? 1.    Stop […]